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It's about a snail: Driving my house to/ I - da - ho. Does it not sound like it's a snail? Also: There is a sign/Just up the way/One hundred feet/From my front yard. What house but a snail's could be driven a hundred feet? --Personman

Hey, there, Personman!
I've really enjoyed reading your contributions to the wiki so far. Life has been, well, LIFE, at my place lately, or I would have responded sooner. Your comment about Idaho actually inspired me to complete a mission: I have a copy of an NPR interview from when Linnell released State Songs, and I wanted to arrange a download before I responded. Thanks to the kindness of SR, it's now a part of Wikidom. Here's the direct audio (almost 10 minutes):
Linnell NPR 10-12-99
And here's the new page: All Things Considered 1999.10.12
The thing is, thanks to a long series of events, I actually LIVE in Boise, Idaho, and hearing Linnell's song about it was one of the rare times I was proud of it. A few months later, I ran across this interview, Linnell NPR 10-12-99, and nearly fell out of bed. Do you have speakers on your system? If you like State Songs, you REALLY want to hear this. It tells EXACTLY what Idaho is about and more: no snails, but there is some John Lennon and a butt-load of LSD. --Flux

Interpretation 2[edit]

I think it's about driving an RV on a vacation. The singer is driving a mobile house, and his friends are asleep behind him on the couches. Easy.--tehbagel ( o ) 02:07, 14 July 2006 (UTC)


Many of the State Songs seem to be loosely based on the given state's shape. For example, Iowa is shaped a little like a craggly witch face, and Arkansas does indeed have a ship-like shape. So it's not too far off the mark in my opinion to think of Idaho as being shaped like a house with a tall chimney coming out of the side. The inspiration for the driving aspect of the song may come from America's love affair with the automobile. As for the LSD...well, uh, I won't touch that. :-) --MisterMe 20:53, 30 March 2012 (EDT)