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Everything below that little line there was written in whatever year it was when I was 16. Around 2004 I spose. If I sounded stupid then, I don't have time to fix it now, so I apologize and hope that you'll take it on faith I've matured at least a little bit.

My name is jake. I am 16 years old. I like they might be giants because they make pretty music. My favorite color is purple. And my favorite number is 6. If there were six purples, i would be happy.

I first found out about TMBG in 6th grade from a girl i had a crush on who later turned out to be a.. not-nice person. One day, as she was prone to such things, she tacked the lyrics to Particle Man onto the side of the blackboard in our calssroom, and since it was a very loose montessorri school it stayed there. Later she posted Older too, and told me about how she listened to it and sat in the corner feeling scared as time went away. I liked what i saw and at some point borrowed a CD, John Henry I think. Soon after I asked my paarents for Flood for my birthday, and now I own all but a few of their cds and eps, and have recently been to my first live show, in San Francisco.

Some of the songs I find to be the absolute greatest, not in order:

I'm probably not thinking of several, but these are the ones that never fail to make me so very happy. They just.. win.

Feel free to leave any comments or misgivings below, as usual, and i will respond when i check this page, which may become more frequently as time progresses. Also, check out Talk:Favorite Songs for my revolutionary Favorite Songs 3 list idea.

Oh oh! one more thing. Just so's you know, i didn't jsut call myself personman here cause i was like, oh, a TMBG site, I'll call myself personman. It has always been my screen name for like everything, so if you encounter someone named personman on the internet, it might be me. Or not.