All Things Considered - 1999-10-12

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On October 12, 1999, John Linnell granted an interview on the National Public Radio (NPR) show All Things Considered to discuss the release of his solo album, State Songs. The host of the show was Noah Adams. The segment included clips and commentary of the following tracks from the album, as well as some remarkably candid (for Linnell) background:

The audio file below is an mp3 of that interview a TMBW user found on a filesharing network, just under 10 minutes long and rendered at 128 kbps. It includes a brief news-of-the-day intro by Noah Adams and Linda Wertheimer (very interesting for historical context):

The interview is also available directly from NPR via RealPlayer[1], but only streams at 8 kbps and doesn't contain the news intro.