Don't Let's Start (Album)

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Not to be confused with Don't Let's Start (EP).
Don't Let's Start tmbg compilation cover
Don't Let's Start
Collection by They Might Be Giants
First released 1989
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Tracks 17
Label UK.png One Little Indian
WG.png Rough Trade
Length 36:52

Don't Let's Start is a collection of single and EP tracks, released in 1989 in the UK and West Germany. It contains all the B-sides from the Pink and Lincoln eras, plus the single mixes of "Don't Let's Start" and "(She Was A) Hotel Detective", and the previously unreleased "The World's Address (Joshua Fried Remix)". The cover artwork was done by Helene Silverman. It features a colorful photograph of her malfunctioning television screen.

This compilation was released in the US two years later in 1991 with a reordered tracklisting under the title Miscellaneous T, and with the addition of another track: "Hello Radio".

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Don't Let's Start (Single Mix) 2:35


2 Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had A Deal 3:48


3 Lady Is A Tramp 1:20


4 Birds Fly 1:25


5 The World's Address (Joshua Fried Remix) 5:42


6 Nightgown Of The Sullen Moon 1:59


7 I'll Sink Manhattan 2:32


8 It's Not My Birthday 1:52


9 Mr. Klaw 1:19


10 Kiss Me, Son Of God (Alternate Version) 1:49


11 The Biggest One 1:22


12 For Science 1:19


13 Untitled


14 (She Was A) Hotel Detective (Single Mix) 2:20


15 The Famous Polka 1:33


16 When It Rains It Snows 1:33 
17 We're The Replacements 1:50