Days Of Open Hand

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Days Of Open Hand album cover
Days Of Open Hand
Studio album by Suzanne Vega
First released 1990 Tracks 11
Label A&M Records <7502-15293-2> Length 45:44

Days of Open Hand is the third album by Suzanne Vega, released in 1990. The song "Tired Of Sleeping" features John Linnell on accordion and session percussionist Frank Vilardi on the drums.


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Suzanne Vega thanks "Flansburgh and Linnell for being helpful"

Track listing[edit]

# Title Artist Length
1 Tired Of Sleeping Suzanne Vega 4:22
2 Men In War Suzanne Vega 4:47
3 Rusted Pipe Suzanne Vega 4:16
4 Book Of Dreams Suzanne Vega 3:22
5 Institution Green Suzanne Vega 6:15
6 Those Whole Girls (Run In Grace) Suzanne Vega 3:09
7 Room Off The Street Suzanne Vega 3:00
8 Big Space Suzanne Vega 3:48
9 Predictions Suzanne Vega 4:59
10 Fifty-Fifty Chance Suzanne Vega 2:36
11 Pilgrimage Suzanne Vega 5:10