Toddler Hiway

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song name Toddler Hiway
artist They Might Be Giants
releases 1985 Demo Tape (as "Toddler Hi-Way"), They Might Be Giants, Then: The Earlier Years
year 1985
first played October 4, 1987 (21 known performances)
run time 0:25
sung by John Flansburgh


  • This is one of the songs from They Might Be Giants that was taken directly from the 1985 Demo Tape. "We repeatedly failed to improve upon [it] using fancier equipment." - John & John
  • A Close 'n' Play is an old toy record player that only works when the lid is closed.
  • "A Massachusetts-based Toys-Я-Us apparently existed at one time wherein the manager of the store would fill the parking lot with new toys for the kids to test out and play with before the store opened each morning. This particular toy store is the basis for 'Toddler Hiway'." - The Early Years Handbook
  • For live concerts, The Avatars Of They perform an extended version of this song, with extra lyrics and in an "open, bombastic, and a bit tortured" style.

Song Themes

A Capella, Children, Numbers, Time, Trade Names, Transportation


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