Interpretations:Toddler Hiway

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I think this is just a song about how kids adore toys and every holiday that gives toys, every type; Dolls, trucks and more but now [In 2006] things are very different as robot toys and more such get more popular until teddy bears and dolls get to the "Ew" stage. User:Goodtimes2

Oops. I always thought it was, "take your clothes and play." Toddlers want to wear birthday suits but Toys-R-Us isn't a nudist colony.


"My little girl" as the singer's girl-friend[edit]

"My little girl" can also mean the singer's girlfriend (see Don't Let's Start). "Take your Close'n'Play" does sound a lot like "Take your clothes & play". Via this interpretation, he's saying his gf is angry at him & packing up her clothes to leave and he sees this as a childish tantrum.--Tassie Jess 05:17, 20 August 2009 (UTC)