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They Got Lost

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They Got Lost tmbg compilation cover
They Got Lost
Collection by They Might Be Giants
First released July 23, 2002
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Tracks 21
Label Idlewild <IDLE 102> Length 41:01
This page is for the compilation album. For the song of the same name, see They Got Lost (Song).

They Got Lost is a 2002 rarities compilation by They Might Be Giants, released through their own Idlewild label. It collects various rarities, including a few tracks from the digital Long Tall Weekend album. The CD was originally only available through the TMBG website or at live shows, but on October 25, 2005, it was reissued by Zoë and became available through other music-selling venues.


Seller Format Price Link
CD $11.73 Purchase
MP3 $9.99 Purchase
AAC $9.99 Purchase
CD $14.00 Purchase
Digital $9.99 Purchase
2005 re-release disc

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Rest Awhile 1:40


2 Truth In Your Words 1:10


3 On The Drag 2:18


4 All Alone 1:33


5 Down To The Bottom Of The Sea 0:56


6 I'm Sick (Of This American Life) 1:24


7 Words Are Like (demo) 1:38


8 I Am A Human Head 2:51


9 Oranges 1:09


10 Empty Bottle Blues 1:38


11 They Got Lost 4:39


12 Reprehensible 3:17


13 Rat Patrol 2:04


14 The Army's Tired Now 1:12


15 Certain People I Could Name 3:30


16 Theme To McSweeney's 2:32


17 Dollar For Dollar 0:24


18 Mosh Momken Abadon 2:53


19 Token Back To Brooklyn 1:01


20 Disappointing Show 2:31


21 Oranges Testimonial 1:12



  • Images and fonts are courtesy of zinzell. The "Devilish" font used can be found here (the red box).
  • Copies of this compilation were given away free in Gigantic-themed grab bags at the Bowery Ballroom show on May 22, 2003.