Mosh Momken Abadon

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song name Mosh Momken Abadon
artist They Might Be Giants
releases They Might Be Giants Vs. McSweeney's (as "Mosh Momken Abadan"), TMBG Unlimited - May (as "Mosh Momken Abadan"), They Got Lost, TMBG Clock Radio
year 2001
run time 2:53
sung by Note.svg Instrumental


  • From, "Another JL instrumental, only this is actually a cover of an Egyptian pop song."
  • The song is credited to composer Riad al-Sunbat and lyricist Ma'mun al-Shinawi. The TMBG version doesn't have lyrics, but the original did.
  • This cover is arranged in the style of electronic music pioneer Jean-Jacques Perrey, whose Baroque Hoedown was covered by TMBG.

Song Themes

Language, TMBG Remakes


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