Guitar Tab:Certain People I Could Name

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Certain People I Could Name
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: D Major
Year: 1999
Tabbed By: Charlie Coniglio
 Don't know if this is the right key, or if this is totally correct, but it sounds right enough to me.

 |:D    A    :| x4

         D          A        D       A          D              A          D         A
 The few surviving samurai surveyed the battlefield
 D           A                D               A               D           A            D       -
 Count the arms the legs and heads and then divide by five
 G                 -                   -               -              D              A          D          -
 Drenched in blood they move across the screen
 G       -           -             -            Em                 A
 Do I need to point or do you see the one I mean?

                     D            -             G         
 The one in back, the way he acts
     -        -            Bm(F#)   G     A      Bm
 Is he reminding you of anyone we know?
   D(A)    G        Bm(F#)    Em     A          D          -
 Isn't he so like certain people I could name?

Instrumental (note: the instrumental melody is each of the bracketed notes; 
each note is played as a triplet over its corresponding chord):
Bm [D]    E [E]    A [C#]    D [D]    G [B]    C# [C#]   F# [A#]
 And the second time it goes to the instrumental, play the above, plus these chords [and notes in triplet]:
 G [B]    C [C]    F# [A#]    B [B]    E [G#]    E7 [B]    A [A]