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Fan Recaps and Comments:

SLICK (from says: Simply an amazing show. Flans and Linnell were in excellent voice, the 2 Dans ripped on their respective guitars, and Marty wowed us all. A special treat hearing the horn section: George Shelby on sax, Bill Dowling on trumpet and (of course) Dan "The Man" Levine on trombone. WONDERFUL versions of Mr. Me, Museum of Idiots and Istanbul. Great to hear It's Not My Birthday too! Loved the "intervention" in Drink! And of course, Mr. Tambourine Man? What a treat! Wake up, Flans!

Opening act Oppenheimer stunned the crowd by ALMOST upstaging the Johns. ALMOST. But still, Oppenheimer was nothing short of fantastic. I predict (not that anyone cares) that Shaun and Rocky will see some nice success, even though they said they played for only 3 people at the SD House of Blues (upstairs in the restaurant/bar). The word is getting out, boys!

All in all, a fantastic show!

And a tip of the SLICK cap to the sound guy who slipped me the setlist. Thank YOU!

Loved it. My wife and I were in San Diego for the first time and were not aware that TMBG were going to be there. We had landed and were on our way from the airport to our hotel that afternoon when we turned on the radio in the rental car. After flipping around the stations I heard one of the songs from The Else -- something you would never ever hear on Houston radio. As we marveled at this, the song ended and lo and behold the Johns were in studio live and the DJ said they'd be playing that night at HOB. Whoo hoo! Of course we had to get tickets... what a great time! Like SLICK above, I was happy to hear It's Not My Birthday live because it's one of my favorites (apparently not everyone's -- I seemed to be the only one jumping up and down & screaming when Linnell started playing it). --Nehushtan 21:28, 7 August 2009 (UTC)