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Bucket List Live Songs[edit]

Songs I want to hear before I croak. They don't play these live any more (or never have) as of Dec 2019, but I'm dreaming that they will. I heard It's Not My Birthday in 2007, expecting it would never happen... Linnell seems to have a soft spot for that one & plays it frequently now. So there's hope! Once I hear them play a song here, I'll mark it out. I'm not including any of the unreleased material that I would love to hear such as Cupid & We Just Go Nuts At Christmastime. A few might be "too new", and with so much new material in 2015-2018 I can imagine them not having the time to incorporate a lot of it into the stage act.

  • Dog - but how would Linnell play this live?
  • ECNALUBMA - surprised this one hasn't been played. Maybe the setlists are incomplete?
  • Exquisite Dead Guy - they stopped performing this one after the puppet props they used for it were given away. I did see it live, once... but I want more!
  • Good To Be Alive - played 2015-2016... but I wasn't there
  • Hey Everybody - the only known performances are from 1994
  • How Now Dark Cloud? - one of my favorites from the 2010's, remains unperfomed
  • I Am A Human Head - never played? ever!?
  • I Am Alone
  • Idlewild - though I doubt a live performance would have the dreamy vibe of the studio version
  • Microphone - I recall seeing a video of them performing this on stage with robot instrumentalists. The wiki doesn't have any record of known performances
  • Miniature Sidewalk Whirlwind - a podcast-only wonder
  • Rest Awhile - wiki says no performances this century
  • Rowboat Mayor - unbelievably cool. I keep imagining how this would be live on stage. It puzzles me that this is not a fan favorite like Communists and Ana Ng
  • Stone Cold Coup D'État - never played. Merde!
  • Welcome To The Jungle - zero known performances of this amazing song. For shame
  • Your Own Worst Enemy - banished to the 1900s