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FEATURING: The Lower Half of TMBG: Mr John Flansburgh and Friends!
TRUMPET Jim O'Conner
GUITAR Eric Schemmerhorn
BASS Graham Maby
DRUMS Brian Doherty
AND SPECIAL MUSICAL GUESTS: Mike Viola - lead vocal on "Birdhouse in your Soul" Frank Black - vocals and ROCK!!!! on "Particle Man," "Spy," and "Oddball"
The Guitar "I've got laryngitis" message from Linnell
Pet Name
She's Actual Size
"Um . . This next song is about,uh, this next song is a brand new song, it's, it's about uh, freedom of, uh expression, and, uh, feeling brave, in a, in, - in a WORLD THAT SUCKS! [applause] I just thought I'd explain the song, - CLEARLY - before we go any further. Um- This next song, uh, is called
Birdhouse In Your Soul w/ Mike Viola
Exquisite Dead Guy
Meet James Ensor
XTC Vs. Adam Ant
Particle Man featuring Mr. FRANK BLACK!!!!
Oddball with MORE Frank Black
Spy with even MORE of him!
Nyquil Driver/Stayin' Alive
James K. Polk
(sounds like it's gonna be NKMP but instead it's) Band Intros
Sleeping in the Flowers
Istanbul (Not Constantiniple)
Why Does The Sun Shine?
Part of the Factory Showroom tour. Linnell has laryngitis and can't go on: so this is an all-Flans show with musical guests coming in to help with two Linnell vocals (Flans does others) but mostly it's Flans songs back-to-back. Although the tape I have of this is semi-poor quality and is not improved by the verbal performance of whoever was standing next to the bootlegger, it DOES contain the best live Istanbul I've ever heard - which may not be saying much but the horn intro is simply to die for. Another joy is Flans' profanity-rich diatribe against whoever'd stole the WDTSS lyrics from his monitor (the malefactor eventually returned the lyrics, perhaps in response to howled death threats from. . . somewhat more FRIGHTENING . . . sectors of TMBG fandom) not to mention his attribution of the sun's radiance to "the NUCLEAR REACTIONS of Neil Young . . . ESTROGEN! . . . and Wood." I should direct your attention to the fortuitousness of Flans performing "Stayin' Alive" on a night when tee em BEE GEE was reduced to its lower (although I'd say better) half. An essential element in any TMBGer's boot library so call me it's all I have to trade!