Piece Of Dirt

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song name Piece of Dirt
artist They Might Be Giants
releases Lincoln, Then: The Earlier Years
year 1988
first played December 31, 1987 (38 known performances)
run time 2:00
sung by John Flansburgh


  • At the 1995-03-15 show, Flansburgh said of Piece of Dirt, "Here's a song that I was looking through the files about a year after we released the Lincoln album I found another set of lyrics that were really a lot better, so I suppressed them. And we're just going to have to deal with the traditional lyrics." The crowd then gave out a collective "aww".
  • An alternate verse of the song was included in the Lincoln liner notes and reads as follows: "Piece of dirt, I made it prettier today, piece of dirt, it was that or just complain." These lyrics have been used live on at least one occasion.
  • John Linnell said in 2010 that this song "was this odd thing which came together in the studio and was very different and kind of beautiful and rare. It was the result of John and I collaborating in the studio, going back and forth and giving each other material and it was unlike anything we had recorded before."[1]
  • The Blue Avatar released a solo rendition of this song in 2015. Watch it on Youtube.png . In this version, the man at the end of the song is "creepy" instead of "spooky".
  • The first verse may be a reference to the lyrics to the song "See No Evil" by Television, which goes "I wanna fly, fly a fountain. I want to jump, jump, jump, a-jump a mountain"

Song Themes

Jumping, Kingdom Of Loathing Reference, Loneliness, Love, Mind Control, Hypnotism, Problems with Liner Notes, Sailing, Telecommunication


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