New York City (Theme)

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This article is about songs which make reference to New York City. For the TMBG song, see New York City.

Mentions by borough[edit]

Songs which single out specific boroughs:




  • Dashiki Lover - Set in Andy Warhol's Factory
  • Dog Walker - "Showdown at the Battery"
  • Electric Car - "To the west side in an electric car"
  • Four Of Two - "Underneath the big clock at the corner of 5th Avenue and 22nd Street"
  • I'll Sink Manhattan
  • New York City - Several locations of Manhattan are mentioned in this song including the Statue of Liberty, the Staten Island Ferry, Katz's, Tiffany's, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, Times Square, and the Rockefeller Center.
  • On The Drag - "From 1st Avenue to A", "The allure of St. Mark's Place"
  • Sleeping In The Flowers - Flans has said that this song is about "getting stoned in Central Park".
  • Tesla - "The Hotel New Yorker"


  • Ana Ng - "All alone at the '64 World's Fair"
  • Cowtown - "The yellow Roosevelt Avenue leaf overturned"
  • Idlewild - The former name of an airport in Jamaica. It was renamed to JFK International Airport in 1963.

Staten Island[edit]

General References[edit]

And of course, songs that just mention the city generally, without mentioning an exact place:

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