Wonderful Christmas Day

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Wonderful Christmas Day single cover
Wonderful Christmas Day
Single by Danny Weinkauf
First released September 23, 2014 Tracks 1
Label Idlewild Length 3:38

"Wonderful Christmas Day" is a holiday single by Danny Weinkauf released as a follow-up to his debut album No School Today.


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The track was initially shared with Kickstarter backers during Weinkauf's 2013 campaign to fund No School Today. The song features Weinkauf, his wife Michelle, and kids Kai and Lena on vocals and was mixed by Jeff Thall. Weinkauf said of the song:

Much of the lyrics are drawn directly from holiday mornings in my own home. The dog, the kids, the smells, pancakes, whipping cream (as Michelle's family calls it), Gigi who is 92 and is the kids' great grandmother, sledding, etc etc. - all true - I started out writing a snarky stab at Christmas (the commercialism, etc.) and realized that the holidays are actually a very special time for me and my family - so I played it straight. I got everybody in on the vocals and our dog was even in the studio with us. When you solo some of the vocal tracks you can hear the dog in the background.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Artist Length
1 Wonderful Christmas Day Danny Weinkauf 3:38