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Howdy! I became a fan of TMBG in 2004 when I first saw the Bros. Chaps' video for Experimental Film. Since then I've been working on slowly building my collection of TMBG stuff. I'm most interested in the rare/kinda-rare things. I hope to one day be in possession of a copy of the Wiggle Diskette and at least one of the few demo tapes from the early '80s. We'll see what happens.

  • Favorite song: She's An Angel
  • Favorite album: Flood

I'm a musician, but I try to stay away from covers. One needs to focus on original material. But! I have on three occasions stepped down off my proverbial high horse and done some covering. I Blame You, Ana Ng, and Too Real. The first two are a tad rough...I Blame You was done a few years ago, before I had a decent grasp on gain staging and mastering. Ana Ng is unfinished, but all that's missing is the very end of the tune. It just kinda stops at the end. Too Real was me taking advantage of my voice being altered by sickness. It's pretty corny, so yeah.

Swamp's Collection

...additional chattel...

  • 90's tour t-shirt
  • Bird in Hand t-shirt
  • IFC t-shirt
  • New Year's Countdown t-shirt
  • A crapload of stickers and buttons
  • They Might Be Giants' Flood

I like bulletpoints, too.