They Might Be Giants' Flood

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This article is about the 2013 book. For the album, see Flood
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They Might Be Giants' Flood
Book by S. Alexander Reed and Elizabeth Sandifer
First released November 14, 2013 Tracks n/a
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing <88> Length 160 pages

They Might Be Giants' Flood is a book by Alexander Reed and Elizabeth Sandifer about They Might Be Giants' iconic third album Flood. The book is a part of Bloomsbury Publishing's 33⅓ series. Both authors hold Ph.D.s (Sandifer in media studies and Reed in music theory). The book explores the historical recording and reception of Flood, examining both how and what the Johns' approach to songwriting and production communicated to audiences in 1990. It also contains biographical information both directly from the Johns and from what coauthor S. Alexander Reed enigmatically refers to as some "esoteric sources".[1]


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The book contains nine chapters, as well as a prologue and epilogue. Each chapter deals with a different historical aspect of the album.

  1. Prologue: Theme From Flood
  2. Who Might Be Giants?
  3. Lincoln
  4. Brooklyn's Ambassadors of Love
  5. America
  6. Flooding
  7. Childhood
  8. Mediality
  9. Geek Culture
  10. Post-Coolness
  11. Epilogue: After the Flood


  • One of the books in the 33⅓ series was written by Jonathan Lethem, who wrote "The Second Longest Night". Lethem's book covered the Talking Heads album Fear of Music, which is also John Flansburgh's favorite album by the band.
  • Flansburgh has said he does not intend to read the book, due to his self-consciousness.[2]