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Hello, I am the Next In Line. Next in line to what? Next in Line to make a reference to a TMBG song in my TMBW username.

How I got Introduced They Might Be Giants[edit]

again, and again, and again...

My TMBG-related history begins when I was five, and my cousin (whom I lived with at the time) would sing the song "Boss of Me". I never heard the song until about a decade later.

Skip ahead a few years and I got really big on music, and my mom tried to get me into some band named There Maybe Giants or something like that. She had grew up listening to Flood and thought I would enjoy it. I was uninterested at the time.

Skip ahead again and I happened to see a song about the number zero on Playhouse Disney after someone left the TV on.

Skip ahead yet again, and I'm introduced to Homestar Runner, and in one of many long marathons of Shorts, I found one called "Experimental Film", and like every other Homestar Runner video, I loved it. Years later, they made one called "Crystal Fortress" (It should be noted I would have no idea that "Boss of Me", Flood, "Zeroes", and "Experimental Film" were all the same people.)

Skip ahead one last time, and I was on a campout with a number of my friends, and we listened to an album by a band named They Might Be Giants. We all took a liking to Track 10, and later I found out that album was No!. My friend was immediately a big fan, and in the following months, he bought four albums on MP3 which he graciously copied onto my thumb drive.

Shortly after, I binged on all their rock albums from The Pink Album to Join Us (at the time, the most recent TMBG album) to the point where I had nearly every song memorized. There was a time where all I listen to was They Might Be Giants.