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Tmbgnumber1.jpg They Might Be Giants is this user's favorite band.

FAN This user became a TMBG fan in 1994.

Linnell 45.gif This user's favorite John is John Linnell.

JohnHenry.png This user's favorite album is John Henry.
BackToSkull.png This user's favorite EP is Back To Skull.

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This user is 46 years old.

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Lehi, UT.

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Hello, I'm Mark. How to sum up the influence TMBG has had on my life?

  • I've been a fan since 1994, with the purchase of John Henry.
  • I owned every T-shirt they made in the 1990s. They have all since worn out.
  • The music is central to a friendship I hold with my buddy, Spencer.
  • I used their music in several home movies and school projects.
  • In the summer of 1995, I sang along with Them in the car to and from work so much, that my singing range shifted from a bass to a baritone/tenor.
  • I met my wife when I spotted the Flood cassette among music provided by the cute girls at a party. I knew whoever owned it would be someone special, indeed. I grabbed it, shot my hand in the air and shouted, "Whose is this?!" The rest is history.
  • I watched Malcolm in the Middle rabidly for all 7 seasons.
  • Spencer and I formed a company whose name was inspired by TMBG.
  • We made a fan website,! (Don't laugh that it hasn't been updated since 2004.)
  • My kids learned all the kids' songs, and have learned many of the others, too.

Mbarlowm's Collection
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