Thursday Night Stand

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The "Thursday Night Stand" was a series of 5 concerts held on consecutive Thursdays at The Bowery Ballroom in New York City in November of 2000. The shows were a celebration of Flood, which had just celebrated its 10th anniversary by going platinum, a preview of the about-to-be-released No! and some tracks from Mink Car, which were in gestation.

Each show had a different theme and a different setlist. John Linnell previewed the concerts in an interview with the web magazine Nude As The News:

NATN: So you are going to do five differently focused shows in the Bowery Ballroom in November?
John Linnell: Yeah, we've done this kind of thing before, and for whatever reason, we have repeat customers. So we try to encourage that by doing a different thing every week. We're going to have a night were we have a big band, which is something we did the last time we did this. We have a seven-piece horn section along with our regular band. And then we're doing our entire Flood album in order. And then we're doing a special presentation of our new children's album, No!

The five themes were:

Show 1 -- 2000-11-02: Opening Pageantry and Preview
Show 2 -- 2000-11-09: The Dial-A-Song Show (songs that got their start on the phone)
Show 3 -- 2000-11-16: The Big Band Sound of They Might Be Giants (horn section)
Show 4 -- 2000-11-23: Then And Now (including preview of the song "No!")
Show 5 -- 2000-11-30: Celebrating Flood (peformance of full album which had just gone platinum)