TMBG Unlimited - September

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TMBG Unlimited - September tmbg compilation cover
TMBG Unlimited - September
Collection by They Might Be Giants
First released August 31, 2001
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Tracks 8 Last tmbg compilation TMBG Unlimited - August
Label They Might Be Records Length 17:25 Next tmbg compilation TMBG Unlimited - October

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 Chaos By Design


2 Save Your Life
Bog Standard


3 Headless
Naykid Eyez


4 Too + 3 R One
Too + 3


5 Words Are Like
The Crummer Family


6 If I Wasn't Shy (Live 1992) 2:04


7 They Might Be Giants (Rough Mix 1989) 2:53


8 Cabbagetown (Demo) 2:22



Official description[edit]

Battle of the Bands
The first part in an ongoing series, which is an homage/blatent rip-off of a Turtles album of the same name that spawned their hit "Eleanor." A way for us to write some songs with the wistful ambition of not sounding like us. We're going to keep at this until we write "Eleanor" which may take some time.

"Chaos By Design" performed by Colorwheel
Lisa and Liza are the ladies behind the mic and the computer screen, and collectively they represent one of the coolest bands to emerge from the "lo-fi" scene of the mid-90's. Always critics' darlings, even when they are roadies for Human League, the lusher approach is reflected in this brand new track.

"Save Your Life" performed by Bog Standard
Performed by Bog Standard, who are normally too shy to leave their home in Shropshire and play their songs before the public. Ian and David are usually absorbed in their collection of fancy mice, while Stewart likes to stare out the window at the overcast sky and converse with his deceased mum.

"Headless" performed by Naykid Eyez
Naykid Eyez is really a just a nom de rock for Eric Sheen, backed by an ever shifting group of cohorts. Busting out of his Detroit garage with a style as unpretentious as a trunk full of methamphetamine, "Headless" is a sneak preview of the b-side of his next independently produced single.

"Too + 3 R One" performed by Too + 3
Too + 3 are easy to tell apart: Mikey is the one who doesn't bleach the ends of his hair, JJ has pointy sideburns, Pauly B wears tinted glasses and has a really big earring, Bruce is the handsome one who can dance the best, and Jason is kind of short and sticks out his lips all the time, even when the cameras are not rolling.

"Words Are Like" performed by The Crummer Family
Ida and Estil Crummer from the hyper-active North Carolina indie scene have put aside the feedback and impenetrable attitude of their infamous noise band Crummer Party to get back to their Americana roots. This track was rejected by their self-run label, Flexcrumm Records but is available here.

From the crypt:
"If I Wasn't Shy" (Live 1992)
This highly mellow rendition of this song, recorded at an industry shindig in Germany, is a pretty good interpretation, although Flansburgh messes up the lyric a bit-probably due to the inordinate stress of playing a lyric driven song for an audience of non-English speakers.

"They Might Be Giants" (Rough Mix 1989)
This odd nugget comes from Pat Dillett's house. He duped this off at the end of the night as the track was being recorded. An odd inside look at the process of putting that track together. The scratch vocal still has the old lyric from our original demo, and the music is missing the fades and edits that the final version has.

"Cabbagetown" (Demo)
Another work in progress, this a song from the b-side of the "I Palindrome I" single. Cabbagetown is in fact a real place, a quite dilapidated part of inner-city Atlanta, and yet the description of dogs and porches is actually completely accurate as Cabbagetown is one of the few remaining parts of that city that is a throw back to its more rural vibe.