Guitar Tab:Save Your Life

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Save Your Life
By: They Might Be Giants
Key: E Major
Year: 2001
Note: The previous entry here was utterly, utterly wrong.  This one is less wrong, but wrong just the same.  
I haven't heard the song in forever, so doing it from memory is an inexact science.

E A F#m [C#m - B]

E       A       F#m 
       Pass her by
   [C#m - B]  E
And save your life
A   F#m       [C#m - B] E
Someday you'll thank me for
A      F#m
this advice
B         C#m
Save your life
A   F#m  B
say good-bye

E   A     F#m
(Save your life)
[C#m - B] E    A    F#m
 Pass her by 
         (Save your life)
[C#m - B] E
 Pass her by
          A       F#m
She's not worth a kiss
     B     C#m
Give her a miss
    A         F#m    B
And save your life

D              A
 You like what you see
        D                     E
And you think you'd like some more
D              A
 But you don't know her
         F#m              B
And I've seen this sort before

The rest is can be extracted from the above.  Will someone please get in here already 
and do this tab correctly once and for all?

okay, some minor adjustments.

the main chords are E, A, Abm, C#m-B