TMBG Unlimited - August

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TMBG Unlimited - August tmbg compilation cover
TMBG Unlimited - August
Collection by They Might Be Giants
First released August 14, 2001
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Tracks 10 Last tmbg compilation TMBG Unlimited - July
Label They Might Be Records Length 32:34 Next tmbg compilation TMBG Unlimited - September

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length  Lyrics Guitar Tab
1 I Palindrome I (Live) 2:32


2 Twistin' (Live) 3:00


3 Boat Of Car (Live) 1:19


4 The Statue Got Me High (Live) 3:21


5 Istanbul - Kiss Me, Son Of God Medley 6:04


6 Piece Of Dirt - Lucky Ball And Chain Medley 5:01


7 Someone Keeps Moving My Chair (Live) 2:27


8 Maybe I Know (Wax Cylinder) 2:06


9 Indian Ocean 2:45


10 Rocket Ship 4:01



Official description[edit]

TMBW note: Mink Car (the album) was offered as a free download to eMusic subscribers at the beginning of August, before the ten tracks of the month were made available. The album was not officially released until one month later, on September 11, 2001.

August 1
Brooklyn-based John Flansburgh and John Linnell of They Might Be Giants are back with Mink Car, their first full-length studio album in five years. With Mink Car, TMBG pulled out all the stops. Quenching their fans thirst for a full-length album -- as well as satisfying the public's need for more TMBG in their lives -- this album is bound to reawaken the world to the magic of They Might Be Giants. Thankfully, the boys haven't strayed too far from the brilliant insanity, infectious melodies, and pop-culture intelligence that made us fall in love with them in the first place. Mink Car is a surprising musical evolution that effortlessly combines the power of the band's infamous stage show and the spirit of studio experimentation. Download Mink Car here -- exclusively at -- almost six weeks before it hits stores! Stay tuned to TMBG Unlimited for more all-new exclusive TMBG music August 15th.

August 2
Greetings from TMBG!
Hope you are all enjoying this months first installment of "Mink Car". We know some of you with slower computers might think you have already downloaded some of these tracks by title, but let us assure you that virtually all these recordings are "factory fresh" and are well worth the wait time. "I've Got A Fang" has been completely made over, and "Cyclops Rock" rocks on an entirely different level. Of course, you will discover this when you receive your autographed CD in a few weeks, but if you were wondering- there's your answer. This second installment features a very nicely recorded live recording and a few notable rarities that we thought y'all would appreciate.


The first part in an ongoing series where TMBG takes on alter-egos as a variety of other, fake, bands. Based on an original concept by the great band the Turtles, who created a project called "Battle of the Bands" for a concept album in the late sixties. We always liked the idea, and we are happy to use TMBG Unlimited as a forum for appropriating it! Stay tuned...


Show of the Month - Live In Chicago 1992

This show, recorded at the Cabaret Metro, captures TMBG Mk. II at the height of it's powers, in a very tidy live recording made to multitrack and mixed by Pat Dillett. Of special interest is the "spacey" version of "Istanbul" followed by the sweet duo version of "Kiss Me, Son of God" and the sample driven "Boat of Car".

Personnel: JL: accordion, keyboards, vocal, JF: guitar, vocals Kurt Hoffman keyboards, saxophone, Tony Maimone: bass, Jon "J.D." Fienberg: drums

1. I Palindrome I
2. Twistin'
3. Boat Of Car
4. Statue Got Me High
5. Istanbul / Kiss Me, Son of God
6. Piece Of Dirt / Lucky Ball And Chain
7. Someone Keeps Moving My Chair

8. A Wax Cylinder Special: Maybe I Know
We recorded this version of Maybe i [sic] Know the same day we did "I Can Hear You." It retains some of it's original charm, but it's the "damaged in translation," or perhaps the "beyond the grave" qualities of the wax cylinder recording process itself that is of real interest here.

9. Indian Ocean
This "difficult" piece of music from the early '80s find John and John at their Dekalb St. space singing into an electric fan. The influence of San Francisco art rockers / mysterions the Residents can heard directly in this unusual song. Enjoy.

10. Rocket Ship
Rocket Ship is the 1992 demo of a song that didn't get any further than this, because the chorus was cannibalized to make "Spiraling Shape." The verse is a rough idea for a lyric about how far you can travel in outer space and never get anywhere, but the chorus wandered in a more fruitful direction and suggested a better song.