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Fan Recaps and Comments:

This was my third show in Kansas City and the third different venue. I think we have a winner in The Truman. It holds about 1400 (larger than many venues I've seen them in) and had a seating area up top with tables (I passed, up near the front is where it's at!). We got to see the debut of Let's Get This Over With, which is a great show opener! They went into Ana Ng (my favorite) and then Damn Good Times. Lots of great energy to start the show.

They talked at length about the rear view mirror they installed on the keyboard so that John could keep an eye on Marty. As the show went on, Flans acted like was jealous of the mirror. It took away from his time with Linnell. After Music Jail, Flans went into a story about how he was at Reggae concert once and a band member told another one to "rewind" because they liked this part they heard. Rewind became the word of the night, as we wanted to hear things again. Rewind was the chant in between the 2nd set and the encore. Later Flans said he would never tell that story again.

Spy and Pencil Rain were welcome surprises to the setlist that I didn't hear on the first leg of the tour. The Quiet Storm was great, with Tippecanoe becoming a favorite for me, I made the mistake of going to the bathroom too late during intermission and had to work my way back up to my friends during the Quiet Storm. Sorry if any of you had to endure that from me!I brought two friends with me who weren't too familiar with the band and they both loved it. One mentioned that she was glad Omaha was sold out, otherwise she would be scheming a way to get up there for it. The only complaint I had was Flan's amp was turned up too high. When he stood in front of it and muffled the noise it wasn't too bad. Other times you couldn't hear much besides his guitar and Marty on the drums. Overall a great show!