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Fan Recaps and Comments:


Wow, this was a hell of a show! I attended with my friend Zander — this year marks the 20th anniversary of our very first TMBG show in 1995. To celebrate, we managed to maneuver our way up to the second row, which was the best spot I've had in 13 attempts over 20 years. (Since we had such a good view I linked up some photos on Flickr.)

The band seemed happy and relaxed for the whole evening, and they sounded really tight. We were thrilled to hear Rhythm Section Want Ad and Unpronounceable. The second half of the 2nd Set basically melted my face, with almost no breaks at all between Erase > Take Out The Trash > Man, It's So Loud In Here > New York City > Ana Ng.

After the show Marty hung around and signed some autographs, and he was super nice. Overall, easily the best time we've had since the very first one :)