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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Chi Meson:

Last year the performance at Wolf's Den was right after their trailer fire and with rented equipment. The band was clearly running on "low."
This year it was totally different. In fact to these ears the band was as tight as I have ever seen or heard them. Flansy was more on-key than I recall since 2007. Hitting those high, key back-up vocals on Mesopotamians made that number quite special. I wish I had a recording of it. Similarly, Damn Good Times was performed with good power and tightness.
Dan Miller's vocals brought a 3rd dimension to the harmonies of Number 3, making the live performance of that song much meatier than what I've heard from before (though I don't think I've heard them do that one live in the past decade).
When they began Fingertips, I was wishing that they would insert some of their new nano-songs into the arrangement, but no...
Without a doubt, the Wolf Den shows are worth the money!