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Great show!!


My first show. It was awesome!


What a fantastic show! This was my second time seeing them, the first being the previous year at a Flood show at LPR in NYC. I made sure to get right up front just stage right of the keyboard, which was center. The view of the band was almost perfect, except I couldn't see Weinkauf for most of the show. The show opened with Jonathan Coulton, who I never had heard of, but was FANTASTIC! I highly recommend him to any TMBG fan. His quirky lyrics mixed with amazing chord progressions and melodies made him the perfect opening act for TMBG. I bought his album Best.Concert.Ever the very next day and I suggest you do the same! The show opened up with Meet the Elements which was very exciting because thats my favorite Science song! I'm not going to go through and name every song because the setlist is above. I will, however, go over some highlights. Confetti cannons were used on three songs: Dr. Worm, Hearing Aid, and They Might Be Giants. There was so much that I found it lodged between my jacket and shirt when I got home! Linnell didn't seem to be feeling well that night. He didn't play Dead, which was listed as an encore, and at one point, Flans leaned over and covered the mic and asked him if he wanted to play West Virginia. Linnell mumbled something and kind of shook his head. Very disappointed to have missed out on those two gems! The show was very high energy and the ongoing joke about Meg Ryan was both interesting and funny. The Atlanta venue song was played as an interesting house-rap blend with Linnell speaking most of the words. The puppet show was great, of course. It was cool to see the rest of the band play separately while the Johns sang behind a big bass drum. The encore with Homestar was wonderful! He performed Tropical Lazor Beams and a silly version of With a Little Help From My Friends, originally by the Beatles. My favorite band was covering my other favorite band's song and performing with a puppet from my favorite online series... WOOT! The show concluded with The Mesopotamians, which had everyone swaying and singing at the top of their lungs. It was a great way to end the night. I stood at the front to snag a setlist afterwards and got one! YAHOO! After the show, I went around to the back and waited for the band to come out. I spoke to Weinkauf, Miller, Marty, and Curt while waiting for the Johns to make an appearance. Flansburgh walked right up to us and said hello. He was incredibly nice. He jokingly asked us how we enjoyed HIS performance specifically. He signed our tickets and took a very awesome picture with us. Linnell of course came out and walked straight onto the bus. Wish I could meet him just once to thank him for his musical genius. The entire night was a HUGE success and extremely fulfilling. I can't wait to see them again. I just hope it can be soon!