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Fan Recaps and Comments:


I was amazed that I managed to get tickets for this one. The Roxy's only a block away from my dorm, so I walked over a few minutes after the doors opened and immediately saw a line stretching several building down. The first really memorable thing was a crew guy on stage with a Night of the Living Dead shirt that said "They're Coming to Get You Barbara," which, while fairly inconsequential, was still awesome.

I can't recall the exact order of the songs, but a few that were particularly amazing live were The Mesopotamians and I'm Impressed, and of course Take Out The Trash when Linnell busts out the cowbell, in a distinctly non-Gene Frenkel style.

We got what was introduced as a rare live performance of Mammal-- haven't seen Them live enough to know if it was a joke or not, I can't quite tell when they're being serious from when they're making stuff up on the spot. It's Not My Birthday was nice to hear, as was Don't Let's Start-- I really like the early stuff on the Then compilation, and haven't heard much of it live.

Of course, the Spine and Else both figured heavily in the show. Damn Good Times in particular sounds amazing live. Additionally, a few favorites from Flood (Particle Man and Istanbul) were played, with a Particle Man/Phone Calls from the Dead crossover (does that happen often?).

I was a bit disappointed when They didn't do Ana Ng-- it's without a doubt my favorite song by TMBG and was really hoping They'd play it. But it makes sense that they can't play it every time, so I don't really consider it as a bad thing.

I bought myself a Mesopotamians T-shirt, which I can be seen wearing at the concert in my <shameless plug>little unpopular webcomic</shameless plug>, where William Allen White is a regular character.


Simply an amazing show. I think it should be required that TMBG tour with a horn section because it just sounds so amazing. I was very happy to hear Mr. Me as it's my favorite song.

I was alittle surprised that they didn't play Birdhouse, I always thought that was a concert standard. My Girlfriend managed to get one of the set lists, I plan to scan it and post it in my photobucket, speaking of which, heres a link to my pics from that concert:

Again great show, horns should be required.