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Hey everyone, this is ill masta aka Alex Bond. I am 17 years old and a huge TMBG fan.
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Back when I was in about fourth grade (probably around 1999), I remember my dad had Severe Tire Damage laying around, so one day, I stuck it in the CD player, and I loved it. Even without really understanding the lyrics or anything, the melodies of Birdhouse, Ana Ng, and Doctor Worm really caught me and drew me in. He also had John Henry which I liked too, but not as much. Some years later, I heard Boss Of Me on Malcom, and Experimental Film on H*R and really liked them, but I never pursued the band's other stuff. After that, I kind of forgot about TMBG until I heard One Billion Degrees last year and I recognized Flansburgh's voice, and something clicked. I went back and found STD, and I instantly remembered all the things I loved about Them. I knew I had quite a ways to go in terms of completing or even starting my collection, but as I kept buying albums, I kept wanting more and more. And I still do.

My recent tracks - Username: <a href="">illmasta</a> <a href=""></a>