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They Might Be Giants
— with See below opening —
Supreme Trading in Brooklyn, NY
November 11, 2006 at Show 7pm-12:30am, TMBG set 9pm

Fan Recaps and Comments:

Bar/None Records 20th Anniversary Party

Other performers:
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Review by Richard E Green:
Short but sweet set. Danny Weinkauf approached me before their set to say hi. It's been a couple years since I've seen him, so I'm surprised he recognized me. I wasn't expecting the full band to be there, and he told me it was a last minute decision, since everybody was free that night. I was also surprised to see Linnell mingling with the audience before and after their set, since that's what he's known for NOT doing. There were probably about 150 total people there, and about half of them were either performing or otherwise connected with Bar/None records, but EVERYBODY stopped chatting and gave the band their full attention when they went on, which wasn't true of the other sets I saw. Best damn performance of Don't Lets Start I've ever seen, with Linnell on accordion for the entire set. Flans mentioned that this was the shortest distance he's ever had to travel for a show -- the same was true for me, since Supreme Trading is within walking distance of both our apartments. For Crane, the audience sang the "don't call me at work" bridge, which was an amazing and surreal moment. I don't remember them playing Damn Good Times. Ana Ng started out with this really bizarre instrumental jam - it's a rare occasion to see Linnell jamming on accordion.