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Fan Recaps and Comments:


I didn't write down a setlist, but I know they opened with Alphabet Of Nations, the third song was Doctor Worm, and among other songs, they played the following in some order which eludes me: Dead, Number Three, Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes, Everything Right Is Wrong Again, Birdhouse In Your Soul, Asheville, Asbury Park, Why Did You Grow A Beard?, We Live In A Dump, Fingertips, Drink! (the 'intervention' version with "No wait!" yelled by the audience after every "Drink!", and Istanbul (Not Constantinople). One of the encores was The Guitar, and another was Everybody Conga/No One Knows My Plan. This was my second TMBG concert, but the first one was many years ago and I got sick from an overload of cigarette smoke and had to leave. This was the first time I was able to enjoy myself and let my mind be blown by the rock. I was particularly floored by their rendition of Number Three with its drum loop sample played at mind-altering volume. I hope it makes it onto the Beardo tour live compilation CD Dan Miller has hinted at. I had a superlatively marvelous time, unlike any other concert I've ever been to before in my life. I can't wait for the next show!

John Flansburgh mentioned that he's been keeping up with some of what's being said online and wanted to make clear the point that, "You will NEVER know when I am drunk."


Great show, but I would like to add that within moments of his "You will NEVER know when I am drunk" comment Flansburgh had his glasses off and was resting his head on an amp for most of the first chorus.

And we accidently showed up early and landed a free TMBG foam finger. Good times.