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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Dan Miller wrote:

The gig of the UK! The crowd was super psyched, as was the band. The 18 floors up to the dressing room after the show felt like running downhill. The band is in fine form and having a blast up on the big stage. If they could guarantee me a gig like that every night, I would move to London in a flash.
The tape has a really nice 'show' quality about it. In instances like this one, I err on the side of the audience mics as I feel it really sends out the energy in a better way. The first song (experimental film) suffers a bit from a few technical snafus, but after that it smooth, rock sailing until the end.
As a total side note, to celebrate (or mourn) the end of the UK tour, the Band, Crew and a few friends went out after the show. England can now lay claim to having the absolutely smallest, smokiest bar in the world. Hidden, deep in an apartment building, this unventilated room featured three tables, forty people and eighty smokers. The only saving grace, besides the companionship, was the excellent jukebox. It's right around the corner from The Astoria if you've been, then you know the place I'm referring to.