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Fan Recaps and Comments:

"Very adult?" "Super swearing?" Something tells me this was the show where the Deeply Felt Theater performed ((Puppets Gonna Fuck You Up)) for the first time... Can anyone who was there confirm it? - anonymous {Jake}

yes indeed jake, deeply felt opened the show promising to "fuck us up" over and over again. Robin was also at this show and brought the intro up again just before the performance of "dr. evil" ("did those puppets fuck you up? they fucked me up backstage....") Great show all around, including a rare performance of "Santa Claus" and "Minimum Wage" by request from a guy in the crowd. -John T


This show did fuck me up! It was my first time seeing the Johns live, after many failed attempts. The puppet show appeared at the stage left balcony, just like the critics on the Muppets, but much more strange.

Oddly, I thought that they would make a bigger production out of spin the dial. The performance was lost to me, and I couldn't really make out what they were up to. It was probably not their fault; the acoustics at the Vic are not very good unless you are in a very narrow strip right up the middle of the audience.

One person had a great sign that caught the attention of the Johns. It read, "I like Dan better than Dan but not as much as Dan."

My friends and I made T-shirts with markers and such. Drunk as I was, I decided that throwing my shirt up on stage would be a great idea, as I long as I didn't disturb a song. I threw my shirt onto the neck of Flans' guitar and waited to see what would happen. Cool as a cucumber, he took the t-shirt and threw it right back to me, almost without looking. I even got my signature sharpee back. I was truly a like a teenie-bopper, very unbecoming for a man in his twenties.