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Review by cam_rock:
After Bed, Bed, Bed JF: This is on it's way to being the best show ever! JL: It's all downhill from here. In the Middle Up until this song, Robin was watching from the wings jumping up and down singing along to all the songs. RG: Get your ass to the corner when the coast is clear... She was jumping up and down a lot throughout. Robin is cool. Before Dr. Worm Some dude: FREEBIRD! JF: Dude, this is the 90's. Freebird is over. JL: This is a song about a worm. We're contractually obligated to do one song about a worm each show. After the first Famous Polka JF: We made one mistake, we played that way too slow. Now we're gonna play it way too fast! They then played it about twice as fast as before. Very cool. The Guitar JL doing the "mixtape of the future." JF: Picture yourself in the year 2003, sitting in a car. YOU MUST LIKE THIS! Istanbul JF: Oregon State Law dictates we must tell you Dan Miller's fingers cannot leave his hand throughout this whole introduction. Before Fingertips: JF: We've got one more song! [WOO!] We've got two more songs! [WOO!] We've got eighteen more songs! After Violin, some guy in the front middle of the stage started bending over and touching Flans' gear, he leaned over and said, "Hey, don't touch that!" and then moved his stand over about 5 feet. I thought that was pretty funny, for no really good reason. During the breakdown of Why Does the Sun Shine, some guys started getting up and stage diving (dumb). One guy landed pretty hard, JF looked down and said, "Ouch." Then another girl got up and started dancing. JF stops the band: Miss? We're doin a show. JL: If there was ever a need for security, it's now. They ended the show early, skipping Sleepwalkers. Good show, not the greatest venue in the world (looked like a nice multi purpose room, not optimal for sound, lots of reverberation), but all in all, a good, rockin show.