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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review by Mike Metzger:
The venue was perfect for the band. When I looked at their midwest tour schedule I noticed the venues were smaller clubs than usual. As most fans want to see their favorite band in a small venue where things were personable, this fit them perfect. Of all the venues TMBG have played that I have seen, this was by far the best.

Atmosphere was the highlight of this performace. The stage was so small, flight cases were stacked up in the front of it, for one, there was no where to put them and two, to give Flansburgh an extra two feet to dance and do whatever he does up there, as well as kick beers onto people off his equipment cases.

As far as music goes, top notch as usual. Most of the NO album was played, along with the impromptu "play whatever comes on the radio". I think they used the canon, I can't remember though. It was nice to have a full album of newer songs to play off of. Their set seemed refreshing to me. For all the shows up to three years prior, it seemed their setlist hadn't really changed much, playing mostly their singles and adding in Dr. Worm and Cyclops Rock. It was a nice change. To top the night off, two encores.

The highlight of the night, the band came out after the show to sign autographs and talk to fans. Out of all the shows I've been to, this was a first.

The worst part of the night was when I handed Flansburgh the set list I got off the stage for him to autograph, and then tore it in half because he had to write a phone number down on it for someone. But all in all the positives outweighed the negatives by far.