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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Son of Bumpy:

It was a livelier show in the evening. Standards like Ng and Palindrome, conspicuously absent from the afternoon performance, were back and there was a full house to respond to them. Flansburgh was more animated and he pattered from the first number instead of four songs in as was the case in the early show.
It opened with the same recordings of crickets, "Why Not Let Go?" and triumphal music then got off to a big start with Ana Ng and Cyclops Rock. The No! material all came off well, especially Supertaster. On the Drag and Fingertips were standouts.
JF fooled around with the term "shitty, shitty blues" while the band noodled away. That led into Actual Size which broke for a Dial-A-Drum-Solo that reached #16 thanks to four different John Bonham selections including one for his country manor. "Radio Roulette" started with the Stones' "Waiting On A Friend", wandered the dial unsuccessfully then ended with an unintelligible take on an angry rap song. The confetti cannon made its appearance during "Bed, Bed, Bed" again. "Sleep" was a rather ordinary song I hadn't heard before.
At one point, JF joked about their tour manager sitting in Buffalo marking time because a past indiscretion prevented him from crossing the border into Canada. Introducing the final number of the set, JF sang "Thanks For Coming to Our Show" in which he thanked individual people he picked out of the crowd. The second encore featured Linnell's amusing rendition of Violin.
Opening act Mark Kleiner did his same set, including the teddy bear song.