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review by Rob W:

On 03/23/02 my wife and I took her sister to her first concert. It was a surprise hidden under the guise of camping at the State Park. It was her 15th Birthday and so we told her we would take her to someplace special. (A movie about the early days of Ybor City) She was of course not happy with this but we convinced her to go along.

When we arrived the crowd was milling about and a large group was playing "Duck-Duck-Goose".

After the opening act she looked at us angrily and anounced that she did not want to see this stupid movie and she wanted to leave NOW! Just then Flans' voice started the announcement and she burst into tears. She had just about worn through "Mink Car" and now she was seeing them in person! My wife and I both agreed that EVERY show and album is better than the last.