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review by I've Got A Fang phi1ip@netscape·net 00:58, 29 September 2006 (UTC)

Like the previous night's show in Melbourne, an utterly fantastic performance.

I'd heard the Johns do their in-store bracket (at the now-defunct Gaslight Music) where I snapped up a copy of Mink Car. I particularly remember Shoehorn With Teeth, complete with glockenspiel that they'd picked up from a music store in Perth. When the Johns went on to sign albums, I presented them with the first TMBG album I had ever heard, Flood: so Syd told me that the first part of the show would be a performance of Flood from beginning to end... so I was in rapture.

Knowing the album backwards also made me admire the band's ability to improvise, rework and musically play around with the more challenging of the songs, for example, the orchestral Minimum Wage came off brilliantly, or the middle interlude in Your Racist Friend.

Needless to say, I was singing along to simply everything, so by the end of Road Movie To Berlin I was flying. I don't have an accurate memory of all that followed the interval, so please treat the setlist above with the proverbial pillar of salt.