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review by "Bob"

The boys played "spin the dial" It was the first time I'd seen it in the two dozen or so shows attended. The biggest crowd reaction was to a radio jingle for a local jeweler--J.B. Robinson's.

Highlights included Shoehorn with Teeth, Fingertips (wow!) and New York City. Lots of new songs--Bangs, Cyclops Rock, Man It's So Loud in here, Hovering Sombrero, Drink, Working Undercover for the Man, and Yeh Yeh.

OkGo opened. Not great but they did do Kiss Me Son of God which was popular with the crowd.

John F. dropped a few more F-bombs than usual but the kids (or their parents) didn't mind. My 35 yr old wife was talking to some 16 yr old who was with his mom. No problems there until he asked her age and then said "Oh! so you're my mom's age." I told her if she really wants to feel old we were going to tmbg shows when her young friend was in kindergarten.

--Kman510 (talk) 22:03, 20 January 2015 (EST) I actually started listening to more OKGo after this, despite the whole "This is the Sound of the Train" thing. I remember this guy dressed as a clown towards the front of the room near us. He had come from work, which I imagine entailed scaring children an hour at a time. He was very drunk and amusing. Those were the days.