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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review by Matthew Gallant
My third show sucked. (Irving Plaza, NYC and Avalon in Boston a few years back were the first and second). The instruments were almost completely overwhelming the vocals. John F. complained about the lack of air conditioning too.

Venue aside, this was a great show. The Incredible Moses Leroy was the opening act and they had a good sound and a funny video presentation to go along with their songs. Roy Fountenberry has a cool voice.

Then came the big wait. I don't what took so long, but it was about a half-hour or more until TMBG started out with Cyclops Rock. Like I said, it was a lot louder than the other two concerts I'd been to. Man It's So Loud In Here was really impressive, they used a drum machine which worked better with the acoustics of the room, and they had a nightclub lightshow to go with it. The songs were a half-and-half mix of Mink Car songs and other material. I didn't keep track of the setlist.

John F. and Dan Hickey did "They Might Be Giants Dial-A-Drum-Solo" and Dan copied 10+ different styles of drumming, including John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Power Ballad, and Animal from the Muppet Show.

Lie Still, Little Bottle featured the stick. It was different (sonically, I mean, physically it was the same old stick) than the last time I'd seen it though. It was wired into an effect box this time and when John F. hit it on the floor it made a cool static sound instead of a thump. Halfway through he held the stick up and sang a few bars into it but this was more visually impressive (it is a very big stick to be holding at one end to sing into it) than it was for the sound effect.

Also featured were Spy (w/ audience participation in the improv part), Dan H. on G-L-O-ckenspiel for Shoehorn With Teeth, and a great guitar intro to Istanbul. I had a really good time at the show and only wished that they could have brought the vocals out more.

Review by Joy
I was so excited to go see my long time loved band They Might Be Giants. I stood in line outside the door waiting for them to open FOREVER! My friend, Jamie, and I have a HUMUNGOUS crush on John Linnell and almost fainted when we gazed at him riding into the downtown Dallas area on his bike. When he came back we so wanted to run over and meet him, but my brother would not let us in fear that we would scare Linnell away and would be dragged off kicking and screaming by muscley budyguards never to return. Anyways, the opening band ,the (i can't remember) Leroys, was surprisingly good. But we were overcome with an unexplainable sensation when they finally left and allowed the John's to come on stage. They played several songs off Mink Car, STD, The Pink Album, Malcom in the Middle, and Apollo 18. It carried on for a long time, but not long enough. Sadly I found that I was among a small amount of people (including myself) that knew all the songs. After a while of a talented drummer(the one in the Doctor Worm video ((he put on a funny act of different mimics of a variety of drummers...Animal, Buddy Rich...))), an Awesome Linnell who can play anything, and a drenched with sweat Flansburgh... they surprised us with 2 encores of Doctor Worm and NYC. We left the 5 star concert deaf and thirsty, but begging for more!