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review by Guillermo Gomez
The TMBG show kicked ass. I went with my friend Theo (aka The O, aka Universe man). There were more Giants fans in the audience than I thought there'd be. I loved it when Linnell said "You guys all look like a bunch of short people" and when Flansy said "Scientists have found that the sun is a huge atom-smashing machine. The heat and light of the sun come from the nuclear reactions of estrogen, estrogen, estrogen ... and more estrogen."

They said They released Mink Car as part of Their "good luck plan" dreadfully ironic. I was so glad that They were able to perform ten days after 9/11...They've got balls, man!

Fingertips surprised the hell out of me! During the improv part of Spy, Flans made up something about "Rehearsal Hall." Particle Man (our anthem!) included a bridge after the Person Man verse.

After the show I snuck 'round to the back and waited for some cool people to come out. Ultimately I got Flansy to sign my Mink Car and Best of the Early Years CDs, and Dan Miller (another musician) also signed Mink Car. Before that night I didn't know which John was which, so what better way to find out than by asking Flansy himself. Now I know he's the one with the glasses and the collar T-shirt, who does the lead vocals on songs like Puppet Head and Cowtown, and Linnell is the skinny accordion guy who looks and sounds like David Spade. Talking to Flansy was like talking to a college musician. He told us about this time he was on a tour bus with Flavor Flav, and he was asked who he was and he said "I'm a professional dancer. Have you ever heard of New Kids on the Block?"