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All banter transcribed by Zondry:

Sorry I Fucked Up The Show:
F: I Hate This Song!!
F: I Fucked Up The Show!!
F: Sorry I Fucked Up The Show!!
F: Technically, this is not a song!!
F: Sorry I Fucked Up The Show!!
F: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, we're They Might Be Giants from Brooklyn, New York.
James K. Polk (w/confetti)
L: Thank you. Thanks for coming.
F: We weren't expecting so many people. We're not really used to seeing people's faces at all, you seem a little shy. How's it going, everybody?
L: We could've brought out the larger confetti cannon, we would be very proud. So some of just goes on me.
F: The friendly fire of that thing, suddenly tragically. John Linnell's musical group's embedded by a horrible confetti cannon accident. So are you guys ready for this thunderstorm, huh? It's gonna be excellent! There's nothing more exciting than electricity and rain. We live for this stuff. Like "Aww, it's gonna be bad", "Oh, it's gonna be great". It's turning bad stuff into make-believe good stuff. So we like to pretend that it works. We got a brand-new song for our audience that never heard them. Alright!! YEAH!! WHAT WAS THAT?!? This next song is a brand-new song and it's called, "She Thinks She's Edith Head", it refers to the fashion designer of the 40s, and 60s, and today. The songs starts off with the drummer Mr. Dan Hickey is gonna play the essential rock beat. Give the beat, please (Dan starts playing).
F: Ladies and gentlemen, Dan is shy, he's wearing earplugs and he can barely hear how the song goes so please feel free to clap along. It's so simple. There you go.
She Thinks She's Edith Head, Ana Ng, Your Racist Friend
L: Thanks a lot. I never know what to say about this next song except that the song we do is in the key of B flat. It's off the Factory Showroom album. Please enjoy the next song, "Spiraling Shape"!
Spiraling Shape, She's Actual Size, Till My Head Falls Off, Don't Let's Start
L: Thanks a lot.
F: We barely get a chance to see our spotlight operators in action as we can, tonight. They Might Be Giants would like to thank the two spotlight operators. We don't know their names. We'll never meet you guys. Thanks for doing the show! The guy smoking a cigarette is doing a fine spotlight job. Here's a song about one-eyed guys, it's called "Cyclops Rock", it's brand-new, and this is how it goes...
Cyclops Rock
L: You know, I was thinking, if it does rain, it's better to play acoustic instruments. So I hope those of you who are playing along out there are all playing acoustic instruments.
Particle Man
F: Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for our only polka! - "The Famous Polka"!
The Famous Polka, Spy
L: This is Mr. Tambourine Man yet again. Singin' about the tambourine. You know, I probably said this somewhere else: There's a copy of that Dylan copywirtten record of that song where they hyphenate "Tambo" and "Urine Man". So it's two different words. And it's so weird. Some copy editor wasn't paying attention, it says "Mr. Tambo Urine Man". Here's a song about all things with fur and warm blood that we talk about in the song, so no need to going into it now. The song is called, "Mammal".
F: Ladies and gentlemen, this next song is featured a brand-new CD-length record that we actually put together for "mp3 only", it's available on eMusic. If you're one of those people who are really into this stuff, check it totally out. If you're not, it's too complicated to explain.
F: Ladies and people, it's Dan Miller on the electric guitar!!
Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
F: We want you to want The Sun!
Why Does The Sun Shine?
F: There's some kind of backbeat boys thing. People... (singing) Born in a graveyard and raised by his parents. He's a thirsty-take manager for taste of ghouly beer. His name is Chris Bailey and he's from stage right to bring out the glockenspiel. Born out in brooklyn, and raised in his garage. He's a thirsty cyborg with a taste of human skin. He's replicant. Dan Hickey, he's come from stage left to play the glockenspiel!
Shoehorn With Teeth
F: Mr. Dan Hickey, ladies and gentlemen! The glockenspiel is made in Salt Lake City, ladies and gentlemen. Dan's probably not gonna be there.
L: Here's a brand-new song, even we don't know this song, it's called "It's So Loud In Here".
Man, It's So Loud In Here
F: Ladies and gentlemen, we just have a couple more songs for you to do tonight, thank you all for coming. It's really exciting to be all here, tonight. Forget about the rain.
Birdhouse In Your Soul, Spider, The Guitar
F (singing): Everybody conga, I'm not fucking kidding, put your hands on the hips of a stranger, and stake around the parking lot, everybody conga, find yourself a regional conga line, lose your ride home, everybody conga, fuckers conga, cops, conga, shy people conga, everybody conga! One! Two! Three! Four!
No One Knows My Plan
She's An Angel
F: Ladies and gentlemen, this next song is off of our Severe Tire Damage album. Our tour manager, Chris has told me that I'm gonna be signing stuff somewhere where there's stuff for sale. At the furthest away point from where you are right now for selling records and t-shirts, and stuff like that. This is one of the songs off of Severe Tire Damage. It's the video that's the song...'s the worm song. It's the only worm song on the record. Worm songs, we love these worm songs. Here it is: "Doctor Worm".
Doctor Worm
F: We just have one more song right now, we wanna thank you guys for coming to the show. We can't explain in any words. Once again, thank you for coming.
New York City
(end of show)