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They Might Be Giants
— with Michael Shelly opening —
Missouri Southern College in Joplin, MO
April 27, 1999

Fan Recaps and Comments:

This show was weird.
It took place in a theater at a small college in Missouri. The place had fixed seating, and no place to stand. So when we got there part-way into the opening act, everyone was just sitting there, being creepily quiet.
A few minutes in, opener Michael Shelly commented on the Children-of-the-Corn vibe in the room, by saying "I'm a little scared..."
What happened next is an event that has haunted my conscience for the rest of my life, because it was a horrible case of mismatched intentions and actions.
Agreeing with Shelly that the situation was indeed weird and frightening, I wanted to express my solidarity with his statement. However, I chose to do this by shouting "You should be!" Immediately, other fans nearby turned and shot me withering glares, and somebody muttered, "don't be an a**hole, dude." And rightly so, as I'm sure that Shelly interpreted my comment as an asinine heckle, and not the "yeah this place is creepy!" that I had intended.
I've frequently imagined a scene in which I tried to clear things up and make my intentions clear through further outbursts of "heckling," shouting out "ACTUALLY I WANT TO CLARIFY MY EARLIER STATEMENT..."
Anyway, I'm sure the show was great, but feeling like a jerk for the rest of the night sort of put a damper on it for me.