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On December 13, 1995 the independence movement Republic of Texas declared the annexation of Texas by the United States illegal, and established itself as a provisional government to oversee the transfer of authority from the occupying federal government of the United States to a permanent independent government run by Texans.

In November of 1997, two envoys of the movement embarked on a statewide campaign to seduce the youth of Texas. At a rally at Numbers on November 9th, John Linnell and John Flansburgh announced plans to run on a joint ticket for the presidency of independent Texas. "This is our campaign theme," Linnell declared before performing a topical song which named the crimes of James K. Polk. Polk was the American president who instigated war in 1846, seizing disputed lands from Mexico south of the Nueces River. Flansburgh told the crowd to "cower in fear" as the group fired a cannon into the night -- a symbolic first shot in what they promised would be a triumphant Presidential campaign. The group encouraged the assembled youth to contribute to the cause by purchasing paraphernalia on sale at tables set up in the back of the hall. That night, subversive tee shirts and record albums passed into the hands of those too young to know.

Though their leader Richard Lance (Rick) McLaren was ultimately indicted and imprisoned in 1997, reports suggest that Flansburgh and Linnell continue to rally support on the road. May someone one day stop them before they make inroads and establish a permanent seat of government on soil north of the Rio Grande.

-- Sydney C. (April 2006)