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Fan Recaps and Comments:

Review by Eric:
This was my very first TMBG show and was above and beyond my expectations. I'm from queensbury, NY and oughkeepsie is the closest that TMBG has played to my home in my recent memory, so the 2-3 hour drive was well worth it. After getting to Poughkeepsie we drove around trying to find the chance till we got lost...the song they got lost always reminds me of that night, well about an hour and a half later we ask someone where the chance is (since the directions that we had were obviousley wrong) and they pointed us in the general direction and said that its in an alleyway between two brick buildings. I thought that this would bring us right to where we wanted to seems that pughkeepsie is all brick buildings, or at least it seemed it that night. Well we did manage to find the chance and a good, fairly secure parking spot. Once inside we were amazed at the size of the place. there was a bar then a row of maybe 10 tables and the orchestra pit right in front of the tables (just a little lower with a rail separating them", then there was a balcony that i didn't notice till about halfway through the show. At first we grabbed a table directly centered to the stage and thought it the best seat in the house. After a little sitting and waiting around we decided that the pit was the place to be and quickly found our way to the front right stage. When i say that the Chance was a small place I mean it was tiny. The pit was no more than 30 feet front to back and 40-50 feet wide..i think, sorry it's kinda hard to remember so well??

Lincoln opened first and they kicked major but for about 45 min. sometime during their performance the lead singer said sorry if we fu*k up tonight we somked a lot of pot before the show!! the audience went crazy!

lincoln was followed by the Bogmen who i thought were good at first but then kinda draged on and on. to me all their songs sounded the same.

Well after the two openers we had a long long wait (at least it seemed long) till the Johns stepped out. When they finnaly did I was standing right in front of Linnell!!! he looked as if he had just woke up and drank a cup of coffee. they used the Critic Intro which got everyone all psyched up and went right into Triboro. At this time I was in heaven, I can't even begin to describe how much fun the show was but I am trying. For shoehorn they brought out the glockenspeil and told everyone to welcome mr. Dan Hickey. It was great he actually hit the thing 2 maybe 3 times and every time he did the audience erupted in cheers! They played Dr. Worm and it was my first time ever hearing it, i thought it was the greatest!! during one of the mosh pits while everyone was playing pass the dude, someone lost their glasses and the Johns stopped the show until he found them again, soo funny. Even funnier is that it was my friend Louie who accidentally knocked them off the kid! when he told me that i just started cracking up and had to sit down. But the best part of the show was when they played Kumbaya. I know that they have played it as a filler in the middle of songs like SPY, but this was a special treat they played it as a full song, a completely revamped tmbg style kumbaya!!! I don't remember today what it even sounded like, but i do remember that it was the best song they ever played!!! well thats basically the show in a nutshell...oh and Flansy conducted the audience and the band during fun. well i don't know how to describe it further so i won't try.