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Fan Recaps and Comments:

-- This was an outdoor show at a hillside bandshell on Purdue's campus. I tried to record, got a no from road manager, tried to go stealth, got another no from road manager, then got escorted to my car by a Yellow Shirt to witness me leaving my gear locked in my car before I could come back to the show. Great show anyway. Only have memories of it with a little help from a copy of the setlist off the stage.

-- This was my first ever TMBG show. It's not on the set list, but I could have sworn they did "Older", because I remember it was cold and rainy and Linnell changed the words to one verse to "You're colder than you've ever been and now you're even colder." I also thought they did "I Am Not Your Broom."

-- GrayWest: My first real TMBG show (previously I had only heard them from the parking lot behind a venue that was 21+, and I was too young to get in) and it happened when I was a freshman at Purdue. They basically played at Slayter Center, right outside my dorm, for free. I waited for HOURS before the show to make sure I had a spot right up front. Amazing show. Out of all the TMBG shows I've seen, this one is my favorite and has a special place in my heart. I actually have some pictures somewhere that I may be able to dig up and post.