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Review by Joda:
Okay so it was an unusually warm (55 degrees) January 2nd in denver, CO. I woke up at around noon and called my good friend kendra (who was in fact the same person that gave me john henry). Anyways, we went down to King Soopers (a grocery store) with another friend Ryan (who was the same person that gave me misc. T) and bought our tickets to the show a few hours later. So we had nothing to do until the show so we decided we'd go down to the ogden and "chill on colfax." (the ogden is located on the corner of ogden and colfax (a street known solely for all the whores on it))

We were about the 10th people in line, i'd guess... we saw some people we knew from school and talked to them till the doors opened. We immediately moved to the front row center. Anyways, the opening band was "the reejers" a local band (well they're from boulder but...) The music wasn't that great but i was mostly amused that the lead singer looked like kurt cobain so i didn't really mind. When they got off the stage they said something about how they wanted to thank TMBG for sharing their pizza with them (i'll get back to why that was relevant a little later on).

When They hit the stage (over and over again)... they opened with James K Polk (no confetti canon) and went into WDTSS? Your Own Worst Enemy was next... Flansburgh's geetar wasn't working so linnell sang while flansy fixed it. Throughout the show they kept playing what i titled "factory showroom" a song in which flans sings in a high falsetto voice "Welcome to the factory, Let us show you around... " at one point during the show he added "Eric's on vacation in Hawaii, and normally plays this song. He's on vacation, but we have to work. We're dedicating this one to him. But we don't know why"

They mentioned during the show that their stuff had "just" gotten stolen and that all t-shirt sales would go directly to them... only to hear the exact same thing at the next tmbg show i went to *months* later (see 5/3/97)

So near the end of the show flans says they're gonna try something that they haven't done in awhile cuz it normally doesn't work. So they explained Stump The Band and immediately everyone pointed to the security guard in the middle because well, he was the youngest looking one. Anyways flans went over to him and asked him what the first record he ever bought was. After talking to this guard for quite a while flans got up and went to another guard on the right side of the stage. At this point Flans went back to the mic and they played a pretty rockin version of alice cooper's 'school's out.' When i got the bootleg of this show i realized that a fan (possibly the bootlegger) yelled out "alice cooper." I began to think that the guard had nothing to do with it.

They ended the show with a lot of encores. And in the final encore they played Birdhouse In Your Soul, They Got Lost, and then looked like they were gonna split but the guy next to me yelled out "NEW YORK CITY!!!" linnell looked down at him and a few seconds later they played it! :)

So, the show had lasted just under 2 hours and i was exhausted but kendra and i sprinted out of the theater and into the side alley (where i've met rivers from weezer, nerf herder, the bloodhound gang, closer, edwyn collins, homegrown, and several other artists before) anyways we waited there a little while and when the guard that was standing at the door turned around we ran backstage. Sprinted upstairs only to find that They had already left :( anyways, we stole some of their pizza (pepperoni and black olives i think) and kenj took some beer and went back outside to the front of the theater. Where we met a group of people whose cars had been towed... we offered them rides but they lived in ft. collins which is about an hour and a half away and since i live less than 5 minutes away from the theater we wished them luck in getting their cars back and left. :)

all in all it was an excellent night :)