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Review By Sarah

What a weird night.

It began at 4:30, waiting outside by the door in the cold (I'll emphasize COLD). We were the 2nd there.. The 1st was someone I met on AOL earlier that morning (apparantly the #1 bad trader on the bad traders lists, so I've found out). I stood shivering with my ears pressed up against the icecold metal doors and listened to soundcheck. Most notably, "I Palindrome I" and "SEXXY" and "Shoehorn With Teeth". :) 2-3 hours later, eventually they let us in. I headed right towards the keyboard, not thinking it was Goatboy's. Bought a shirt (2040 World Tour!) and a hat (the black with the 4 colour ovals) and went back to my spot.

The opening act was said Goatboy. Let me tell you he SUCKED. This Goatboy was absolutely nothing to "write home about". He looked like Bill Maher with a long brown wig. Eeck. He straddled the mic stand the entire time, him and his tight leather pants. He apparently thought he was pretty good. Eeck. He seemed oblivious to the fact that the audience was booing him. Finally he ended, of course. And They came out!

I would have fainted if it weren't for the sea of bodies holding me up against the pole. This was my first TMBG show and first time seeing TMBG *in person*. As soon as Linnell walked on stage I felt this incredible feeling, like a dream. He basically looked dead. a little hunched over, arms frozen, holding a cup, bugged eyes.. The performance was great! Lots of smiles from Brian Doherty (may his TMBG drumming career RIP) and Graham Maby (may his TMBG bassist career RIP). Flans came reeeally close to me too.

Now the part I forever entitle: "Aren't you the guy who hit me in the eye?" (after track #24 on Apollo 18) Some jerk (and that's mildly putting it) threw, from what I understand to be a crumpled up poster (you know, the yellow ones with John and John posed.. they had 'em up on the wall all over) at Flans... And hit him in the eye. :( He was VERY angry (understandably), and "Snail Shell" stops dead. Flans froze for a bit and was adamant about finding out who did it. ("You throw crap at the guy in the band, the show reeeally comes to a close.."). At one point when Flans was trying to figure out who it was, I had to look at the other guys to see the reactions. Linnell was trying not to laugh, Brian was stunned, and Graham was still trying to figure out what happened. The crowd chants "ASS HOOOOOLE... ASS HOOOOOLE.." to the chucker but of course, no one admits. Over all, the show got cut by I think 7 songs. SUCK. Of all the people to piss off, it had to be Flans. :P

After that, Linnell says "This song is dedicated to everyone else" Then They played 2 more songs, and Flans ran madly offstage. :( My sister ended up with two drumsticks, a set list, and a show schedule! Advantages of being 7 years old, eh? ;) So then Brian and Graham came out. They were sweethearts! We got autographs and pictures. Then the manager took a picture backstage and had John and John sign it for my sister.