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Review by Mike Mattison, St. Paul Pioneer Press, Nov. 13, 1994:

John Linnell and John Flansburgh slogged through their recent accordion hit "Meet James Ensor" and older MTV favorites like their 1990 remake of "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)."

Just when things appeared to be sinking down to the lamest coffee-house denominator, the safety curtain shot up to reveal a four-piece band. Geek cabaret gave way to a gigantic stadium sound, and a bounce through TMBG's demented brand of Vaudeville.
Watching the crowd, with crooked grins and academic glasses, was almost heartbreaking. But at the first sound of "Don't Let's Start" it was strange to watch the State Theater transform into what can only be described as a student council meeting gone silly.

Conga lines formed in the balcony and up and down the emergency exit aisles during "No One Knows My Plan." Kids periodically shot up in their seats and started to twist. People who didn't know how to twist started to twist. Some record industry people looked like they might be thinking about maybe starting to twist. And then didn't.